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Ridiculously Oversized Coats Are Fall-Winter 2018's Must-have

by Kledou Coulibaly on October 02, 2018


As we can read in an article by 

If the season’s top runway shows offered any indication, oversized, voluminous coats are a must-have for fall.

And we’re not talking a little bit loose, we mean huge. Like, three sizes too big, and maybe even layered. It’s almost as though designers took inspiration from the popular itsmaymemes account on Instagram, which features edited images of celebrities wearing very big clothes.

The trend was perhaps buzziest at the fall/winter 2018 Balenciaga runway show in February, where models walked down the runway in layers of ridiculously oversized coats, reminiscent of a particular Joey Tribbiani ensemble in “Friends.”
But we also saw big coats at Marc Jacobs, where the outerwear was all about the shoulder pads, and Calvin Klein, where the brief may very well have been “construction worker, but make it fashion.”
Extremely oversized outwear might seem a little over the top for day-to-day wear, but, as with most trends, there’s a way to rock it in real life. And the best part? Big coats are also comfy coats, and who doesn’t love when style and comfort collide? (OK, maybe it wasn’t so hot when platform Crocs hit the runway, but other than that, it’s great!)
A big coat is definitely a statement piece. If you’re looking to try the trend in a more subtle way, let your outerwear do the talking and keep everything else simple. If you love a big coat but aren’t a fan of the shapeless look, you can always add a belt for a little more definition. (Belts are also a great way to close those coats that don’t have buttons or a zipper.) And for those of you who don’t need any convincing, we say, the bigger the better!

Below, check out the trend on and off the runway, and find out how you can get your very own massive coat.

On The Runway

Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images | A model walks the runway during the Balenciaga fall/winter 2018 show in Paris.
Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images | A model walks the runway during the Balenciaga fall/winter 2018 show in Paris.
Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images The Calvin Klein Collection fall/winter 2018 ready-to-wear show in New York.
Catwalking via Getty Images The Versace fall/winter 2018 show in Milan.

On The Celebrities

Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann wears a red coat and heels during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on May 14 in Sydney.

Personal shopper and influencer Bettina Looney wears an Eudon Choi coat and Chanel rain hat, bag and shoes during Paris fashion week on March 6.

Gigi Hadid rocks an ultra-puffy coat in New York on Sept. 10.

A guest wears an orange oversized coat during London fashion week in February.



This trend may have been a little exaggerated on runways, but here's how to pull it off in real life.

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