About us

About OOKPIK World

Urban inspiration, technical details, quality and superior warmth. Combining style and performance, OOKPIK world offers coats for every season, designed and created in Montreal. 

OOKPIK world has taken what we love about a good coat, down jacket or parka, and created a collection that will keep you cozy and timelessly stylish. And what a success it has been! OOKPIK world coats are a definite must to comfortably enjoy all the adventures of an urban winter wonderland.

Product knowledge

The collection, created and designed in Montreal, draws its inspiration from an Inuit symbol recognized throughout the world: the Ookpik. This iconic object representing the Snowy Owl and Northern culture conveys the same distinctive, timeless character channelled by OOKPIK World. Like its white-feathered namesake, OOKPIK World products adapt to all seasons, inspire large open spaces and exude pure, distinguished lines.

OOKPIK world coats feature details inspired by sports and outdoor clothing. They are fashioned using high-end materials that resist to both bad weather and passing fads. Carefully selected Canadian fur, high-quality leather and 600-fill down (the number of cubic inches that one once of down will fill; the higher the loft, the better the down). To top it off, streamlined style that offers functionality for everyday life.