Down is the first coat of feathers, extremely light and thin, that keeps waterfowl warm. Feathers intertwine to create a protective shell of inert air in which body heat expands. With its natural qualities, down has the unique characteristic of letting air circulate while repelling perspiration.

You can flatten and crease it all you want, it will recover its fullness in a few seconds.


All our downs all carefully selected to meet ethical and governmental standards. They are taken from white duck raised for the food industry. They are therefore treated with respect, rather than being slaughtered simply for their down.

Knowing we might offend certain beliefs, we remind you that we use real fur that comes from ethical farms subject to regular inspections aiming to enforce the drastic regulations established by animal protection main institutions.

Thanks to its natural vortex effect, fur offers an absolute protection against wind and extreme temperatures. 


Ookpik coats are made to withstand the test of time, but they require careful and cautious maintenance.

Your down coat must be dry cleaned only. We strongly recommend you take it to a professional cleaner who is used to cleaning items of clothing with genuine leather sections as well as removing detachable fur pieces.

To remove small stains, use a damp cloth with soft bleach-free detergent and gently rub the stained surface.

Don’t forget that the use of a washing machine will void the warranty. 


The quality of our coats is our top priority. That is why we offer a one-year warranty, starting on the date of purchase, on all our products. In case of a manufacturing defect, Ookpik will make the repairs free of charge in its Montreal shop. Under no circumstances will Ookpik cover incidents resulting from careless use, other neglect or normal wear and tear.

For this warranty to be processed, you will be asked to submit proof of purchase showing date of purchase.


Your coat will be repaired in our shop located in Montréal.

Whether you wish to change sections, redo the seams or replace the fabric, we offer a high-quality and quick service. Simply email us your request with photos at service.clients@slyandco.com so that we can give you an estimate and coordinate the procedure with you.


We accept payments with Visa or MasterCard.

Please note that all purchases will be invoiced in the currency used at the delivery point. 


All orders will be processed the same day or the next day and will be sent using Canada postal services. The coats will be sent in special cardboard boxes for maximum protection. 

Standard delivery : Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.

Express delivery : Please allow 1-3 business days for delivery. 

All orders will be processed and delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Delivery times might be slightly longer in certain rural areas. 


At OOKPIK, your satisfaction is as important as the quality of our products. You can expect a flawless service.

We include a return form in each of our shipments. Please make sure to return the completed form to facilitate the return or exchange. We accept the return of coats in their original condition, unwashed and unworn. Once our quality control team has examined the coat, we will reimburse the cost using the original method of payment in the 30 days following purchase. Shipping charges are final and non-refundable.

You will have to communicate with us at 1-866 689 0022 or by email at service.clients@slyandco.com to obtain the authorization number for the return of your coat.